Adrdess: 10th Floor, Block B, Beijing International Building, No.18 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing
Postcode: 100081
Tel: 010-62386997
Fax: 010-62073704
Contact: Jian Ge


  • May 2013 Tonglu Jiangbei Air Station Monitoring Equipment Project
  • Oct 2012 Tonglu Jiangnan Air Station Complex Pollution Monitoring System Construction Project
  • Jun 2012 Beijing EPA Fine Particles(PM2.5)Pollution Monitoring System Construction Project (Pack 21)
  • Jun 2012 Beijing EPA Fine Particles(PM2.5)Pollution Monitoring System Construction Project (Pack 1)
  • May 2012 Qinghuangdao EPA Environmental Warning Ability Project Equipment
  • Mar 2012 Bid Winning of Taicang Automobile Exhaust Detection Data Network Information System Project
  • Mar 2012 Bid Winning of Kunshan Heavy Metal and Toxic Instrument
  • Mar 2012 Dianchi Water Environmental Technology Research & Platform Construction Project
  • Nov 2009 Beijing Environmental Quality and Pollution Monitoring Management System Update
  • Oct 2008 Sichuan EPA "Sichuan Eleventh-five Total Emission Reduction Data Management System Project"
  • May 2008 Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Centre Air Auto-station Data Acquisition & Access Project
  • Mar 2008 Jiangsu Monitoring Centre "Field Monitoring Data Management System(PDA) Research Project"
  • Oct 2007 Nanjing Environmental Centre Nanjing Environmental Auto-monitoring System(Phase I, II)
  • May 2006 The 3rd Sub-project of Beijing Pollution Source Monitoring Scheme Research
  • May 2006 Sichuan Hazardous Waste Declaration System
  • Oct 2005 Jiangsu Pollution Source Large Scale Integration System Project
  • Aug 2005 Sichuan Industrial Pollution Source Investigation System Development
  • Aug 2003 Chongqing Environmental Model City Project II: Pollution Source Monitoring System EB-1 IPTC

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